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Image Perso
Date sent: 2012/05/12 13:56:32
I downloaded the files from this site:-

I chose that software because it is about 256 KB, which is enough for me to handle - I use public library computers, so cannot use FTP.

You will need a free web host that will allow you to use the PHP, server-side, scripting language and set up a MySQL database. This latter is more simple than you might suppose.

You create your directories, upload your files, set up a MySQL database and edit the config.php file, using your MySQL information. You then sign up to your own forum. Then you set yourself up as administator.

Say you are with and have a site called
Say you sign in as 1234321

you click on the MySQL manager and set up a database
this may be something like 1234321_me
this is also your user name

you set up a password say mypass

your MySQL manager shows your database host to be something like

You must mow set up the tables which constitute the MySQL database.

Select the MySQL manager. Find and click the query icon. You will be presented with a query form.
Use this form to swipe in the entire contents of the 'database.sql' page.
MySQL manager will confirm that it has processed this request.

you use file manager to edit the config.php file:-

//mysql_connect('host', 'username', 'password');
//Username of the Administrator

mysql_connect('', '1234321_me', 'mypass');

You will need to sign in to your own forum, either as admin or some other name

if using another name you will need to edit that line:_

//Username of the Administrator


//Username of the Administrator
$admin='some other name';

One last thing - the avatar -
This is a graphic taken to represent you.
I have not been able to get paths to work, so perhaps you might use one of my local avatars.

I have provided a default avatar and put in some javascript code to allow you to select an avatar by clicking with the mouse.

I have provided links to pages describing the setting up of this forum online and, also, using it offline.

1st June 2012
I have modified the appearance of the forum and introduced a simple table to the signup.php page to clean up the offline appearance in Firefox.
Image Perso
Date sent: 2012/05/18 12:44:28
this is a test
Image Perso
Date sent: 2014/12/26 06:48:13
How did you get your reply feature to work. Mine is not working.
I constantly get "An error occurred while sending the message."

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