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DX within the UK

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Image Perso
Date sent: 2012/06/09 09:01:02
On the evening of June 8th 2012, conditions were right for dx within the UK and British Isles. German dx was present on the high band and Scottish stations were breaking through. I put on an old Harrier radio from the 1980s and was able to work a station on the west coast of Scotland. It was 19:21 hours, BST, on UK channel 22. My report to him was 5 and 9 and, surprisingly, my report back was 5 and 8. He was using a ground plane antenna and a Kenwood, running 100 watts. Irish churches proliferated on nearly every channel. I heard a chap from the Isle of Lewis, off Scotland. He was surprised at working dx when we have all had cold, wet and windy weather. Earlier, at 19:03 hours BST, 26GLO28, from Amsterdam, was heard on CEPT channel 31.

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