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Freak Reception

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Image Perso
Date sent: 2013/01/04 11:54:36
Image43PR50 Joe from Darwin Australia heard at around 9am 3rd Jan 2013. Joe was on U.K. FM channel 19, which is the most-used channel in the S.W. London area of the U.K. Reception was quite good, inviting suspicions of a hoax, but it appears to be genuine and Joe is one of the best-known DXers. I believe he was using 200W into a six-element yagi. He was working divisions 26 and 19 - the U.K. and the Netherlands.

9th Jan 2013
Again I heard Joe 43PR50 from Darwin, this time as late as 11:30 am. Australia is in mid-summer, so the path From Darwin to London is in daylight.

14th Jan 2013
As said, I have heard Joe 43PR50 again. He just cuts across the hash on U.K. channel 19. During the winter, you can hear the USA truckers on Channel 6 CEPT during the daylight hours but more normal DX is likely to be worked in LSB on channel 38.

15th Jan 2013
Around 2:00 pm, the USA truckers were coming through on MID (CEPT) channels 6, 9 and 11, with USA DX on channel 38 LSB.

27th April 2013
Around the 15th April, there was a solar storm. The following day, I listened on the U.K. band. Not much happening, but there was Russian breakthrough. Testing the European bands showed that Russians were present on the two bands above the MID band. No sign of U.S. truckers on the MID band! At the moment there are few users on the U.K. band, though I made a call once to ensure that my home-made aerial was working. I got a level nine from a chap about four miles away.

5th May 2013
Not much doing on UK CB and little DX. However, earlier this evening, I heard Roy, 104ET001, from Corsica, on UK channel 31. His QSO was with a chap in Birmingham. Roy has an Irish accent. His QTH is 1500 feet above sea level, allowing him to get out well.

17th May 2013
Heard a bit of DX from Germany, early evening, FM and ssb. Also, Scandinavians have been calling in on U.K. channel 19 FM.

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