CB radio propagation

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Date sent: 2012/05/17 14:35:57
CB radio operates in the 11-metre band. We may expect such a short wavelength to be affected by the time of day, the season and the sunspot activity. In 2012 we are near a sunspot maximum, which should improve propagation at higher frequencies.

I have traditionally expected high frequency reception to be better during warm, sunny, daylight hours and to fade out after dark, yet I have heard Spanish operators talking at 11 at night while it was raining outside. The American truckers have all but disappeared in May 2012, yet I heard them daily during February, when the days were short.

May 29th 2012:
we are very short on American truckers now, though the Spanish are around quite a lot of the time. Yesterday evening we at last had reception from Northern and Southern Ireland and Scotland. The Irish included a church service broadcast live - apparently an accepted use of cb in Ireland. That was on on CEPT channel four, FM, though some of the Irish were using ham radio transceivers on the frequencies between the accepted 11 and 10 metre bands.

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