a return to U.K. cb radio in 2012

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Image Perso
Date sent: 2012/05/18 15:29:40
In February 2012, I acquired some old cb radios and set about putting them to use. I have covered this on another website:
British cb is much more quiet nowadays, and most of the few people I encounter are ham radio operators using multi-mode rigs.

I also use a small short-wave radio to listen and have been surprised at the varying propagation conditions. Recently - mid-May - I have heard Spanish stations up to 11 at night - long after sunset. At 5 pm on 15th May, I heard both sides of a contact between northern Italy and Grenada. This on a system intended to reach five miles down the road! When I first listened, in February, the American truckers were in evidence, using am, but disappeared with the solar storm. I do hear some U.K. operators contacting dx stations and have even had a contact in the Czech Republic, myself, albeit using fm.

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