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viewing PHP offline

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Image Perso
Date sent: 2012/05/19 10:47:14
Can we view PHP offline? Many have asked and the answer seems to be maybe.

To view php pages offline we need to install apache, php and MySQL. The 'lite' versions may do ok. We will also need a php administator called MyPhpAdmin.

The combined package is often called a WAMP - Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP.

I downloaded two software programmes which set up a local server.

Coral_8_5_4 == 14MB a zip file rendering the Uniform Server

amongst the installed directories were:-

home 13MB, usr 78MB! apache2 (5MB), mysql (54MB!) and php (18MB)


mowes == 12MB a zip file rendering an interface called Mowes

The mowes download was surprisingly small.
Mowes installed 'lite' versions of apache2 (5MB), mysql (63MB!) php5 (11MB) and MyPhpAdmin.


Both programmes incorporated a www directory, where they expect to find the php programmes.

the browser url will be http://localhost/

Those are the bare bones - I finally got my forum programme working locally and offline - I am not online at home.

You must set up a local MySQL database.
I made the host name 'localhost' and the user may be taken to be 'root'.
The password may be empty.

Some have suggested downloading the individual parts separately, but I would recommend using one of these programmes - the advantages are good compression and automated installation.


Mowes - I installed my forum in the www/start directory
my url for my local forum is http://localhost/start


your download then:-
you will need to include apache, php, sql, and MyPhpAdmin - make sure you choose php version 5 (SE) because MyPhpAdmin will not use version 4.


I heartily recommend MoWeS, or some other WAMP, because I saw sixty-six pages devoted to installing the software by other means.

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